Start-Up Management

Opening a new senior community is challenging and allows no time for trial or error. Success depends on the development of an effective, comprehensive management plan and structure. Start-up management plans include provisions for resident care, therapeutic recreation, transportation, staffing for all departments, and many other areas. Our proven approach will ensure your project meets and exceeds your expectations.

Comprehensive Services for Start-Up

  • Mission Development
  • Development of an Operating Plan Based on Mission, Financial Forecast Review, and Market
  • Feasibility Review
  • Development of a Detailed Operating Budget for the First Year of Operation
  • Competitor Analysis Regulatory Review and Planning
  • Hiring of the Facility Administrator and Marketing Staff
  • Development of Facility Policy and Procedure Manual
  • Coordinate the Development of a Food Service Plan
  • Quality Standards Development and Training
  • Participation in Construction Team Meetings and Review of Building Plans
  • Interior Design Plan Review
  • Budget Monitoring Tools

Clients benefit from our proven management services to produce efficient and effective operations, satisfied consumers, and positive financial results.

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