Health Dimensions RevGroup

Health Dimensions RevGroup (RevGroup) offers industry-leading expertise in revenue cycle management including business office, therapy services and reimbursement support for post-acute and long-term care providers.

RevGroup provides support, processes, and strategies that are essential to optimizing revenue and ensuring accurate and timely billing.

Post-acute and long-term care is rapidly changing, including changes to national policy and payment that directly impact revenue. To succeed, providers need well-trained professionals using industry best practices to optimize revenue, and bill accurately and efficiently.

RevGroup provides a variety of services, including:

  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Centralized Billing
  • Therapy Programming, Auditing, Training, and Support
  • Revenue Optimization, Training, and Auditing
  • Business Office Auditing, Process Development, and Support
  • Minimum Data Set (MDS) Training and Auditing

Interim Professional Services

In addition to RevGroup’s experienced business office, reimbursement, therapy, and MDS consultants, we also have a team of highly skilled interim administrators, clinical leaders, business office managers, and MDS coordinators to assist or fill open positions in your community. These professionals are licensed throughout the country and are readily available to assist your organization in optimizing revenue and accurately billing, even when there are open positions.

Education and Training

RevGroup provides training and education in the areas of reimbursement, MDS, business office management, billing, and compliance. This training can be on-site with your organization or during one of our national training sessions open to any organization looking to improve their knowledge of billing, therapy, compliance, or revenue optimization.

History of RevGroup

RevGroup began as a part of Health Dimensions Group (HDG), a fully integrated post-acute and senior services management and consulting firm. Over the decades of operating a variety of post-acute and senior services, as well as providing services to organizations throughout the country, HDG developed a talented and dedicated team to oversee community business offices, therapy departments, reimbursement, and interim administrator services. This team has now become Health Dimensions RevGroup to expand services and broaden our reach across the country.

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