Post-acute & Senior Care Operational Support

Delivery of high-quality patient care depends heavily on operational excellence. All aspects of an organization’s business or care practices can benefit from periodic review and systematic improvement planning. Health Dimensions Group supports that effort through a number of processes and areas of expertise.

Operational Assessment

Our team performs comprehensive performance evaluations for skilled nursing facilities measuring against industry benchmarks and best-in-class operational approaches. Such reviews provide operators with unique insights and create a road map to optimize financial and clinical results.

Audits: Operational & Regulatory Compliance

Oftentimes, organizational leadership is looking to “stress” test certain aspects of their operations to assess vulnerabilities and establish baselines from which to improve. Our team of operations improvement specialists provides a wide range of auditing services tailored to meet a client’s specific needs.

HDG consultants conduct audits to determine regulatory compliance with minimum standards regarding rules and regulations for skilled nursing facilities. These evaluations include both health and life safety components of regulatory testing.

Revenue Cycle Management

A revenue cycle assessment provides a detailed evaluation of the overall health of a skilled nursing facility’s billing and collections process, starting with pre-admissions activities that support timely collection of accounts receivables. Our revenue cycle experts consult with clients on processes that minimize sales outstanding.

Marketing and Census Development

Skilled nursing operators understand the ever-changing landscape of health care in the post-acute space. Now, more than ever, providers depend on partnerships with others in the continuum and leverage those relationships to ensure sustained command of desired market share. Most important is the relationship between the skilled nursing facility and referring hospitals and health systems. Our consultants work closely with clients to explore hospital referral dynamics toward the goal of positioning a skilled nursing facility as a preferred referral destination for hospital patients.

Valuation & Advisory Services

We deliver valuation and advisory services to a broad spectrum of health care organizations including transitional care, skilled nursing, assisted living, senior housing, and home health organizations. To approach each valuation scenario purposefully and with a clear and robust process, our consultants assume an advisory relationship with clients, ensuring the parties follow a precise road map.

Interim Management & Staffing

Operators of skilled nursing facilities understand the complexities involved in managing the day-to-day demands of the business and occasionally experience a vacancy in one or more key leadership positions for a variety of reasons. Our organization has worked with numerous clients by providing interim leadership solutions via fully trained professionals who include licensed nursing home administrators, highly seasoned directors of nursing, business office managers, and RN minimum data set coordinators.

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