Financial & Reimbursement Advisement

At Health Dimensions Group, our clients have come to rely on our expertise in financial performance assessment, billing and reimbursement, and other dynamics that affect their bottom line.

Cost Report Preparation & Post-filing Advisement

We offer Medicare and Medicaid cost report preparation services including compilation of supporting work papers, as well as completion and filing of cost reports. We also work to resolve reimbursement issues with fiscal intermediaries, Medicaid desk reviews, and payment rate reviews.

Reimbursement Optimization

Maximizing the revenue potential of a care community or post-acute provider is a multifaceted endeavor that requires deep analysis and forward-thinking recommendations. We help clients evaluate and benchmark their processes and clinical reimbursement strategies to ensure they are gaining full credit for the services they provide.

Financial Modeling and Benchmarking

Our team helps organizations discover where the opportunities for improvement lie and advise them on opportunities to leverage their facility’s potential.

It is essential for a facility to understand how it compares and contrasts to its peer group. To that end, we work with clients to analyze the cost structure of their operation, identify any overspending or overstaffing, and calculate facility net worth using a performance-based evaluation.

Billing and Reimbursement Education & Training

Financial stability is crucial for care facilities, but something that can be challenging during times of staff turnover, growth, or other lifecycle phases of an organization. Our consultants work with post-acute organizations to analyze their fiscal scenario and assist as needed from ensuring consistent billing and collection oversight to staff evaluations and more. In addition, we provide education on proper and timely completion of critical clinical reimbursement and Minimum Data Set (MDS) documents.

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