Value-Based Payment and Care Transformation

You are no doubt familiar with The Triple Aim, or the concept of simultaneously providing a great patient experience (including quality), reducing cost, and improving the health of patient populations. It is transforming the way providers are paid by government and commercial payors alike and in turn, that payment model is changing the way providers deliver care.

At Health Dimensions Group, our team of experts is ready to help you navigate the complexities of value-based payment and care transformation.

Bundling Advisement & Implementation

The Bundled Payments for Care Improvement (BPCI) program, as well mandatory Episode Payment Models (EPMs), have emerged as powerful tools in promoting value-based transformation. Our bundling team assists providers in directly taking risk under these new payment models through our expertise with programmatic requirements, sophisticated data analysis and benchmarking, as well as guidance on optimal care redesign.

Our bundling services include state-of-the-art analysis of upstream and downstream providers and advisement on design of gainsharing approaches.

Value-Based Positioning

A comprehensive understanding of your market is paramount in assessing risk, estimating impact, and determining repositioning as a preferred provider.

We help clients understand their unique market dynamics through consultation and advisement following internal and external data collection and analyses. Such evaluation will determine how best to position providers to succeed in the market and be at the front of the line with value-based partners.

Care Continuum Development & Integration

Transforming care delivery to align with the incentives of value-based payors requires deep knowledge and expertise. Our background with value-based payment systems, and state-of-the-art practices in care delivery, can help you achieve the highest outcomes for the lowest cost.

We will assess your proficiencies and areas in need of improvement along the continuum of care and offer guidance on resources, relationships, and processes that will better position your operation to become a preferred partner.

This often includes education on the multitude of services available to patients. Consultation may also include development of quality-based referral systems for patients in need of additional post-acute or long-term support services, or a care transition program to manage safe discharges and admissions.

Value-Based Payment Education & Readiness Assessments

Our team will evaluate the market in which you operate and assess your readiness for value-based transformation. Based upon findings, we will provide customized education to help you and your team better define an enhanced value proposition.

Alternative Payment Model Development

HDG can assist payors and providers in designing cutting edge alternative payment models. This process involves assessing client’s needs and carefully working through the creation of aligned payment and operational incentives designed to achieve and promote beneficial outcomes.

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