COVID-19 Resource Center


Ensuring residents are cared for in a safe and healthy environment is a priority for all senior care and living communities. To assist our clients, managed communities, and other providers in preparing for and responding to COVID-19, as well as planning for reopening, Health Dimensions Group has created a COVID-19 Skilled Nursing & Senior Living Resource Center.’

Monitoring & Implementation of CMS, CDC, State & Local Health Departments, & State & Trade Association Guidance

Ongoing monitoring on guidance related to:

  • Testing and screening
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) use
  • Infection control surveys
  • Waivers and regulatory updates
  • Stimulus and funding programs
  • Reopening requirements and timelines


Communication, Media and Public Relations

  • Frequent written, text, voice and e-mail communication for visitors, families, residents, staff & vendors
  • Meeting of CMS requirements for COVID-19 positive communication under QSO-20-29
  • Updated and clear signage for building entries for visitor guidelines
  • Frequently updated websites & social media sites
  • Informative inbound phone & voice messages
  • Updating of media statements & train local staff on media interaction related to cases, employee and resident wellness, testing and reopening
  • Support and use of technology to support virtual communication


Surveillance & Preparedness Plans

  • Emergency preparedness plans
  • Visitor restrictions & screening guidelines and processes
  • Employee, resident and provider screening & illness tracking
  • Staff education & auditing on infection control, safety, PPE and other items as required
  • Adherence to admission and cohorting guidelines for positive or unknown COVID-19 status
  • PPE & supply management including sourcing, cleaning and reuse guidelines
  • Review and audit of policies & procedures around infection control
  • Intensified plant operations & housekeeping activities
  • Clinical monitoring for symptom identification and risk management
  • Inclusion of preparedness plan in Quality Assurance Performance Improvement (QAPI)


Workforce Planning & Support

  • Tracking of State & Federal programs to support workforce, including leave policies
  • Updating recruiting & job postings to recruit hospitality workers
  • Utilizing paid & organic social media to support recruiting
  • Defined training processes to train and competency test new employees quickly
  • Offer support for childcare, sick leave, & employee support services
  • Interview processes to include web meetings
  • Development of contingency staffing plan
  • Develop food service crisis plan for staffing and meal preparation
  • Track state-level waivers and guidelines on staff screening and trainer
  • Review paid leave requirements and eligibility
  • Offer mental health, emotional and grief support services
  • Implement a Hero’s Pledge for staff and leaders to pledge to provide necessary resources, follow infection control and PPE guidance, and commit to caring for residents during challenging times


Financial Resource Review and Planning

  • Review current & projected cash positions of communities
  • Explore loan, line and government resources for COVID-19 expenses
  • Detailed tracking of lost revenue and increased expenses related to COVID-19
  • Accurate reflection of relief and loan funds in financial statements
  • Work with vendors on extended payment terms
  • Identify backup personnel for billing & collections to ensure stable cash flow
  • Proactively communicate with lenders who are seeking updates on assets
  • Adjustment of expenses to census decline when appropriate


Survey Readiness

  • Review existing infection control policies, procedures & tracking
  • COVID-19 specific training & tools implemented
  • Detailed QAPI notes for infection control areas of focus or audit failure
  • Document COVID-19 response, training & tracking actions
  • Review updated CMS survey guidelines, timelines and penalties


COVID-19 Testing

  • Understand types of testing available, those used for diagnosis, and accuracy
  • Secure testing partnerships for supplies and lab services
  • Procedures for proper collection, storage and delivery
  • Partnerships with testing resources like health systems, drive through clinics, walk-in testing and the National Guard
  • Talking points for staff and residents on testing procedure and consent
  • Understand payment responsibilities by state and payor, and create internal process to properly bill and communicate billing information to third parties
  • Develop testing strategy and timeline for completion and retesting
  • Proper testing practice and PPE use during testing
  • Detailed monitoring of test status, results and return to work plans
  • Reporting of positive cases


COVID-19 Positive Case Management

  • State and Local Health Department collaboration on testing and positive case management
  • Required family, staff and resident notifications
  • PPE requirements & room signage for positive cases
  • Review hospital transfer documents & procedures
  • Care-in-place management plan
  • Ongoing education on precautions for positive patients
  • Outbreak control including plan for COVID-19 treatment area and dedicated staff


Supplies & PPE Planning

  • Collaborate with suppliers on ordering & shipping timelines
  • Partner with hospitals & health coalitions for critical supplies if needed
  • Attend supplier education to understand ordering processes & allotments
  • Monitoring & storing of supplies for loss prevention
  • Staying current with PPE guidance on use, cleaning and reuse


Resident Life

  • Utilization of technology for e-visits – tablets, tools & training
  • In-room & hallway activities like overhead speaker games & interaction
  • 1:1 activities with social distancing
  • Collaboration with mental health, spiritual and social work partners
  • Collaboration with families who want to do on-site visits outdoors or through windows to ensure social distancing and precautions


Rapid Response Team

  • Identify a team (not currently working in communities) to be trained to provide direct care, housekeeping & dining services in the case of an outbreak & staffing shortages
  • Train & competency test this team to provide side-by-side support to on-site teams
  • Reduce exposure risk of this team by utilizing a remote workforce & social distancing to ensure they are healthy if team is deployed


Tracking of Policy Changes

  • 3 Day stay Medicare waivers
  • MDS and assessment timing changes
  • Payor appeal timelines
  • Telemedicine waivers and reimbursement


Reopening of Communities

  • Review of White House Reopening Phases
  • Review of CMS reopening guidelines
  • Review of State reopening guidelines
  • Ensure proper testing capabilities to move toward reopening
  • Communication with acute care providers on capacity
  • Understand resident preferences on reopening timelines
  • Develop new policies and procedures related to screening and monitoring of visitors


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