COVID-19 Support Services

Health Dimensions Group is both a provider and consultant to post-acute, long-term care, and senior living providers, as well as hospitals and health systems across the nation. We recently launched the HDG COVID-19 Task Force – an interdisciplinary team working to ensure our managed communities and those of our clients are ready to prevent and manage COVID-19 outbreaks.

We stand ready to assist your senior care or living organization in any way including:


  • Infection Control Preparedness and Outbreak Support
  • Post-COVID-19 Strategic Planning and Organizational Restructuring
  • Survey Preparedness and Audits
  • Post-acute, acute, and Primary Care Integration

Infection Control Preparedness and Outbreak Management

Long-term care and senior living providers can be assured of enhanced regulatory oversight, financial penalties, lost opportunities, and increased market pressures should a COVID-19 outbreak occur. Advanced preparation is key to limiting exposure. Successful preparedness should include a thorough review of all infection control policies and procedures as well as all tracking and monitoring tools. Following this review and an update of policies, robust training and education should be completed to ensure that protocols are clearly understood by all staff members and residents or their representatives. HDG has developed a suite of services and tools to assist the full range of senior living providers in excelling at infection control.

Post-COVID-19 Strategic Planning and Organizational Restructuring

Providers of post-acute, long-term and senior living care are facing unprecedented operational and financial challenges that are likely to continue with ongoing impact from COVID-19, which will include increased regulatory oversight and changes in public perception and consumer preferences. Providers have already seen rapid changes in clinical requirements, increased oversight and regulation, and flattening or decreasing revenue. Successful providers will quickly restructure their organizations to align with current realities to ensure the provision of high-quality care that can be provided through financially viable operations. The HDG team can assist providers in the creation of an operating structure that is sustainable in a new operating environment. These changes may include clinical services redesign, cost and operational expense reductions, market positioning, and strategic planning that takes into consideration existing and new variables to set organizations for success in a post-COVID word.

Survey Preparedness and Audits

The federal government has resumed routine inspections of all Medicare- and Medicaid-certified nursing homes following a suspension of those activities while surveys had focused primarily on infection control and immediate jeopardy issues during the initial outbreak of COVID-19. While infection control will remain a primary focus, attention will now be paid to all aspects of compliance and quality improvement processes, including implementation of the Mega Rule Phase 3 requirements that were finalized in November 2019 and were in the process of being implemented when the pandemic hit. A high-functioning Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI) will be more important than ever. HDG can help facilities prepare for these new challenges with preparatory surveys, audits of policies and procedures, toolkits, and staff training.

Post-acute, Acute, and Primary Care Integration

The pandemic has placed a premium on reducing unnecessary transfers between care settings, proactively intervening to prevent spread of the virus and bringing the latest clinical thinking to the bedside. Recent advances in telemedicine is one example of market transformation in this regard. There has also been increased interest in integrated service delivery and financing options, such as the Program for All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) and value-based payment approaches to support greater care integration. HDG operational and strategy consultants can assist you in assessing and implementing a program to integrate care delivery and minimize unnecessary transfers among settings.

For a list of resources to assist you in preparing for and responding to COVID-19, as well as planning for reopening, please visit our Skilled Nursing & Senior Living COVID-19 Resource Center.

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