COVID-19 Support Services

Health Dimensions Group is both a provider and consultant to post-acute, long-term care, and senior living providers, as well as hospitals and health systems across the nation. We recently launched the HDG COVID-19 Task Force – an interdisciplinary team working to ensure our managed communities and those of our clients are ready to prevent and manage COVID-19 outbreaks.

We stand ready to assist your senior care or living organization in any way including:


  • COVID-19 prevention and outbreak management
  • Surveillance planning and audits
  • Infection control survey preparedness and clinical consultation
  • Clinical training for hospitality aides, non-clinical staff, and clinical staff with no LTC or senior living experience
  • Regulatory, policy, and payment support and guidance
  • Development of COVID-19 SNF units
  • COVID-19 Financial Advisory Support
  • Contingency staffing planning
  • Interim leadership, including executive directors, administrators, and clinical leadership

COVID-19 Prevention and Outbreak Management

Preventing COVID-19 from entering a skilled nursing center and senior living community presents a difficult proposition for operators. Despite extreme vigilance, mistakes in protocol management can happen and when they do, exposure occurs. HDG consultants provide a comprehensive assessment of operational and clinical practices to mitigate these vulnerabilities. However, when an unfortunate event occurs, HDG also offers guidance to providers in containing the spread of COVID-19. We assist in managing the myriad considerations that range from workforce deployment, communication, education, and training, as well as personal protective equipment.

Surveillance Planning and Audits

All senior services providers must have comprehensive COVID-19 surveillance and response plans in place. These plans require frequent updating with guidance from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and local health departments. HDG assists providers with creating, auditing, and executing plans that incorporate clinical, regulatory, and communication requirements and best practices.

Infection Control Survey Preparedness and Clinical Consultation

Solid infection control policies, procedures, and practices are critical to the fight against COVID-19 in senior care and housing communities. HDG provides guidance on best practices, training, auditing, and survey readiness related to infection control. CMS has limited survey activity to focus on immediate jeopardy and infection control; these surveys target infection control best practices and COVID-19 surveillance, prevention, and management. HDG assists providers with survey preparation, management, and response.

Clinical Training for Hospitality Aides, Non-Clinical Staff, and Clinical Staff With No LTC or Senior Living Experience

To address staffing shortages due to the COVID-19 pandemic, CMS waived requirements that a care setting may not employ anyone as a nursing assistant for longer than four months unless they meet certain training and certification requirements. This waiver allows long-term care (LTC) and skilled nursing facilities to employ, train, and deem competent individuals to provide relevant nursing and nursing-related services. HDG’s team of clinical consultants provides the necessary clinical skills training and competency testing to hospitality aides and non-clinical staff, as well as regulatory and clinical training and education to clinical staff that have no LTC or senior living experience.

Regulatory, Policy, and Payment Support and Guidance

As the pandemic has unfolded, federal and state governments have responded with a myriad of executive orders, waivers, rule changes, and guidance. HDG is actively monitoring policy developments nationally and in multiple states, and we are in constant contact with our clients. Our skilled staff distills the information quickly to provide insight into the current and likely future state of COVID-19 policies and what operators should do about them.

Development of COVID-19 SNF Units

Hospitals are increasingly at risk for lack of capacity combined with few discharge options for patients testing positive for COVID-19, especially at peak demand periods. HDG provides innovative approaches in establishing and staffing active COVID-19 skilled nursing facility (SNF) units that may be operated in both acute care hospitals and senior care settings. HDG delivers end-to-end solutions, including training of staff in the delivery of care, regulatory compliance, clinical documentation, and revenue cycle management.

COVID-19 Financial Advisory Support

Strong financial performance has become even more of a challenge given the revenue loss and increased expenses during COVID-19. The federal and state governments offer a variety of COVID-19 financial programs. HDG clients can rely on our financial consulting and advisory services to navigate these programs and best ensure continuation of services in their market.

Navigation of COVID-19 Financial Programs

The COVID-19 financial programs offered through the CARES Act left providers with many questions and few easy-to-navigate answers. Our team of experts assists providers in evaluating the eligibility requirements and nuances of available programs. It is more important than ever for a provider’s future viability to capitalize on all disaster relief for which they are eligible. HDG provides grant and loan resources as well as tools to ensure easy tracking of such offerings.

Financial Modeling and Benchmarking

As providers look at their current COVID-19 financial strategy and future success, strong local and national benchmarks are important to guide financial analysis that informs crucial business decisions. Our team of operational and financial experts provide collaborative benchmarking and financial modeling services that allow leadership to make informed decisions about organizational changes, strategies, or growth activities.

Accounting Services

It is important for a provider to understand the impact of COVID-19 on their organization, as well as on financial statements and reporting requirements. HDG provides full accounting services to senior care and housing communities, including management of all financial reporting and auditing, cash management, accounts payable, and in-depth financial analysis. In addition, we assist in evaluating financing and capital resources during COVID-19.

Senior Care Financial Consulting, Valuation, and Advisory Services

We deliver valuation and advisory services to a broad spectrum of health care organizations, including post-acute care, long-term care, senior housing, and home health providers. To approach each valuation scenario purposefully and with a clear and robust process, our consultants assume an advisory relationship with our clients, ensuring all parties follow a precise road map for success during divestiture or acquisition transactions. This relationship and knowledge is even more important during COVID-19.

Contingency Staffing Planning

Many senior services providers were already struggling with significant labor market challenges prior to the pandemic. Cases of COVID-19 in staff, as well as the fear of employees working in senior care, have created even more severe labor management issues. HDG assists providers in developing emergency staffing plans that outline community response, resource planning, and detailed staffing patterns to work through emergency situations while providing quality care.


During these uncertain times, having a qualified and stable staff is instrumental in your ability to prepare for and respond to COVID-19 (Coronavirus). HDG has interim or permanent leaders available throughout the country to assist you through this difficult time. Backed by HDG’s operational consultants, as well as our COVID-19 Task Force consultants, we can provide you with a variety of resources to strengthen your operations as well as support your organization in this rapidly changing care and regulatory environment.

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