Presentation Summary: Andy Edeburn on Data Driven Partnerships
April 1, 2011

Presentation Summary: Andy Edeburn on Data Driven Partnerships

Andy Edeburn
Andy Edeburn

Andy Edeburn, Director of Project Management, Health Dimensions Group, presented Hospitals and Post Acute Providers:  How to Create Data-Driven Partnerships. Touching on the importance each entity has to contribute in order to sustain a successful, working partnership, Edeburn elaborated on key points for how each side can identify and accomplish its partnership goals.

For Post-Acute Care Providers:

  • Obtaining, understanding and analyzing data on hospital patient discharges, payment and costs in order to identify ideal partners
  • Creating clinical pathways across the continuum for best patient outcomes, reduced readmissions, and reduced costs.

For Hospitals:

  • Understanding what to look for internally and in a potential post acute partner in order to create a viable continuing care network.

 In the end, Edeburn explains, it’s all about teamwork.


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