Elevate Excellence in Quality and Customer Service with HDG’s Senior Living Management Services

HDG’s comprehensive management services are designed to address four pillars of excellence — quality and customer service, people, finance, and sales and marketing — resulting in enhanced organizational outcomes.

Quality and Customer Service Pillar of Excellence

Elevate your resident’s experience to new heights with HDG. We’re relentless in our commitment to delivering top-tier care and exceptional service. When you select HDG for management, you can expect comprehensive day-to-day operational oversight, a systemized approach to quality management, thorough regulatory compliance, and an unwavering dedication to resident safety.

And here’s the real game-changer – our “Enrichment Beyond Expectations” program, part of our quality pillar. This isn’t just any life enrichment program; it’s an extraordinary experience designed to go above and beyond in enhancing the lives of your residents. Make the choice that sets your community apart and delivers unmatched excellence.

Enrichment Beyond Expectations™: Specially Designed Programming for Resident Life Enrichment

Enrichment Beyond Expectations™ (EBE) is beyond just a wellness program – it is a transformative journey designed to enhance every facet of our residents’ life. At the core of our program lies a commitment to empowering individuals to thrive, connect, and flourish in ways they never thought possible.

What is Enrichment Beyond Expectations?

EBE is designed to empower our residents to live their most fulfilling life. Focused on the eight dimensions of wellness─ Purposeful, Physical, Relational, Emotional, Spiritual, Intellectual, Developmental, and Environmental─ we strive to tailor experiences to celebrate individuality and foster connections within the wider community.

Built on thorough research and evidence-based practices, EBE’s signature programs go above and beyond the typical activities found in many senior living and care communities. We build life stories of each resident to assist our team in deeply understanding an individual’s background, preferences, interests, talents, and abilities. By cultivating meaningful relationships with our residents, we create purposeful activities and experiences that resonate with each person on a deeper level.

Friendship, fun, and humor are at the heart of everything we do. We believe an engaging day is one made up of captivating moments of joy and belonging. At HDG and our managed communities, we create vibrant living environments that embrace all that life has to offer.

Customized and Resident-Centered

Our programs and services are as unique as the residents we serve. We begin by building a life story and personally getting to know each resident. This assists our team in understanding an individual’s background and passions – allowing us to tailor a customized lifestyle for residents.

Dimensions of Wellness

Enrichment Beyond Expectations programs and offerings are designed to support a holistic approach to our residents’ well-being. This goal of enriching our residents’ lives is achieved by offering a well-rounded and meaningful lifestyle that balances eight dimensions of wellness. The eight dimensions of wellness include:


Engage in meaningful activities intentionally designed to foster fulfillment and joy.


Promote physical health through quality care, culinary arts, movement, strength, and balance.


Inspire social interaction and meaningful connections with others.


Cultivate a hopeful outlook and agility when faced with life’s challenges.


Support a sense of belonging and inclusivity through the spiritual and religious programming which matters most to each person.


Stimulate brain and cognitive health for residents of all levels of care through lifelong learning and challenging activities.


Celebrate aging positively, as if aging in reverse.


Ensure safety, accessibility, and comfort in the physical environment.

Beyond Expectations Signature Programs

Our signature programs were designed by industry experts to enhance the quality of care and service as part HDG’s CAAB proven process. Addressing all eight dimensions of wellness, we aim to ensure our residents enjoy a lifestyle that is beyond expectations.

Moments Beyond Expectations

Our signature memory care program was developed using evidence-based approaches from the Alzheimer’s Association and informed by dementia and geriatric research. We prioritize the unique needs and strengths of each resident, going beyond just the diagnosis. By crafting personal life stories and conducting regular assessments, we gauge our residents’ abilities and curate activities based on their interests and natural flow of the day. Overall, our methods promote independence and empower residents to perform daily tasks as they are able, with our team offering support whenever necessary.


Discoveries Beyond Expectations

This signature program provides opportunities for residents in all care levels to engage in stimulating activities that support brain and cognitive health. This encourages lifelong learning and curiosity, supporting personal growth in areas of individual interest. We believe that learning plays a crucial role in overall intellectual well-being. Opportunities not only for learning are provided, but also for teaching.


Flavors Beyond Expectations

Culinary excellence is key to maintaining optimal physical and emotional health. This signature program ensures our senior living residents have access to chef-inspired dishes crafted with fresh ingredients and elevated flavors. Our commitment is to maintain an ideal balance between quality, nutrition, taste, and variety, so every meal caters to our residents’ unique preferences and dietary requirements.


Specialized Training

At HDG and our managed communities, continuous learning and personal development are paramount.  We know to best serve our residents and families, it is essential for our team to continue learning and growing to maintain expertise in the process of aging and maximizing health throughout our lifetimes.

Alzheimer’s Association Training and Certification

To ensure our team is fully versed in the care of those with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, our key care team members participate in essentiALZ®, a comprehensive training and certification program. Developed by the Alzheimer’s Association, the program educates professional care workers on Alzheimer’s and dementia-related disease and how to safely and confidently care for individuals residing in memory care. High-quality dementia care training can lead to an improvement in communication between caregivers and individuals living with dementia, a reduction in dementia-related behaviors, and an increase in team member job satisfaction.

Certified Fit Minds Cognitive Coach

As a Fit Minds partner, our team members have access to a variety of specialized training in the key areas of cognition. Some have taken this training even further and have been designated as certified cognitive coaches.

You can have peace of mind knowing senior living and care residents are receiving the very best in quality of life.

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