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Senior Living and Care Operational Consulting Services that Enhance Care and Outcomes

Operational and clinical excellence are essential for ensuring the delivery of high-quality resident and patient care and financial viability. But how do you know that yesterday’s processes still meet today’s definition of excellence?

Every aspect of your business or care practices can benefit from periodic review and systematic improvement planning. Health Dimensions Group (HDG) can support these efforts through a variety of operational, clinical, and financial consulting services. Discover how our experts can work alongside your team to identify opportunities to strengthen your operations and improve care and service delivery.

Operational Assessment

Understanding how your community compares to local and national peer groups can help you ensure you’re fully leveraging your community’s operational, clinical, and financial potential. HDG’s experienced operators work with you to analyze all aspects of your operations and clinical systems to identify opportunities to improve. Through this process, we help clients optimize revenue, reduce costs, and enhance the overall care and service they deliver.

Clinical & Wellness Product Development

A diverse mix of high-quality services, programs, and products is essential for operating a successful senior community. HDG can help determine that your offerings meet this mark. Our assessments explore your existing clinical and wellness programs to better understand their impact on your operating margins and resident satisfaction. This process can identify opportunities to course-correct for safer, more efficient quality care. Our team can also evaluate the viability of potential new service lines or wellness programs to ensure they’re positioned to meet market needs in line with your organization’s mission.

Financial Analysis, Benchmarking, & Modeling

Local and national benchmarking provides invaluable guideposts for organizations refining their strategy. Understanding how you compare to peers and industry leaders can guide you toward impactful organizational or operational improvements, new strategies, or growth activities. HDG’s team of operational and financial experts provide collaborative financial analysis, benchmarking, and modeling services that lead clients to stronger business decisions. With this diverse range of insight, organizations can hone their strategy and position themselves for success.

Revenue Cycle Management

Between increasing managed care penetration and national and state reimbursement complexity, healthcare organizations can’t rely on tried-and-trued methods of revenue cycle management. To efficiently bill payors, optimize revenue, and compete in today’s market, providers need well-trained professionals using the best available practices. Our clients have come to rely on our industry-leading expertise in business office, therapy services, and clinical reimbursement support to deliver this competitive edge. HDG’s revenue cycle management expertise ensures clients have the essential processes, strategies, and support they need to optimize revenue and perform timely, accurate billing.

Clinical Reimbursement

Significant revisions were made to the Minimum Data Set (MDS) on October 1, 2023, and adapting to these changes can be challenging. Health Dimensions Group (HDG) is here to help you navigate these changes. HDG specializes in tailored solutions for clinical reimbursement, aiming to optimize both your clinical and financial outcomes. Our comprehensive services include:

  • CD-10 Coding Excellence: Comprehensive management, education, and training to ensure accuracy and efficiency in ICD-10 coding.
  • Flexible Interim MDS Support: On-site, remote, or hybrid solutions, including a focus on regulatory compliance and accuracy.
  • Customized Clinical Reimbursement Assessment: Evaluation of staffing, Electronic Medical Record (EMR), and MDS accuracy to unlock your organization’s full potential and identify areas for improvement.
  • Detailed Compliance Audit: In-depth audit to ensure accuracy and alignment with all CMS regulations.
  • Quality Measures Enhancement: Detailed Quality Measures review and coaching with a focus on 5 Star Rating, Quality Reporting Program (QRP), and value-based payment (VBP).
PREP or Mock Surveys

HDG’s Positive Review and Evaluation Process (PREP) survey, also known as a mock survey, is an opportunity for skilled nursing and assisted living communities to receive an unbiased assessment of processes, systems, and quality of care in line with governing rules and regulations. During a site visit that mirrors the annual survey required for all skilled nursing facilities and assisted living communities, HDG provides insight that helps you proactively make changes before your organization runs the risk of noncompliance. This mock survey also includes an evaluation of core clinical systems, suggested modifications to policies and procedures, guidance for complying with state, federal, and payor rules and regulations, and an assessment of quality assurance and performance improvement (QAPI) processes. HDG’s nationwide experience means we can assist you in any state or market you serve.

Survey Process & Compliance Support

Stress-testing certain aspects of your operations can help you assess vulnerabilities and establish a baseline from which to improve. HDG’s consultants provide an objective perspective to guide you through this process. Our experts audit policies, procedures, and current practices to ensure your compliance with all health and life safety elements of federal, state, and local requirements. Better still, HDG’s team can work alongside you to implement necessary changes and ensure your community is survey-ready.

Directed Plan of Correction (DPOC)

When an organization is out of compliance with Medicare or Medicaid requirements, The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and the state Medicaid agency can impose enforcement remedies that may include a Directed Plan of Correction (DPOC). HDG’s experts can help organizations quickly correct deficiencies and set a strong new direction. Our operations consultants work with your leadership team to develop a detailed POC. Together, we define the steps the community will take to drive improvement as well as the timeframe within which deficiencies will be corrected. To speed you to a resolution, our team can also assist in implementing these changes.

Sales, Marketing, Occupancy & Census Development

A strong strategic sales and marketing plan and approach are essential for growth in today’s fast-changing landscape. The strategies of the past will not ensure success in today’s digital and competitive environment. HDG’s consultants can assist by partnering with your onsite team to develop unique and customized positioning, sales processes, referral and outreach strategies, and marketing tactics. They can also complete mystery shopping to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the market dynamics and competitors in your area. The result is higher occupancy and census, increased competitive advantage, and improved positioning as a preferred senior living and care provider.

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