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The way aging services employees view their jobs and employers has changed in recent years. Although compensation and benefits remain essential, employees are prioritizing employment opportunities that offer meaningful work, values alignment, workplace flexibility, and a respectful culture. HDG can help position your organization to attract and retain this talent through a variety of workforce consulting services.

Our team draws upon decades of experience as senior living and care community owners, operators, and consultants to deliver solutions that can strengthen your workforce. We implement proven people and culture processes to drive your operational success.

Workforce Strategy Development

Your mission and overall strategic plan establish the framework for your human resources approach. HDG draws upon this plan to create a detailed workforce strategy for attracting, developing, engaging, and retaining employees in alignment with your organizational goals. Our experience as a management organization allows us to apply strategies and ideas that have been implemented successfully in our own communities throughout the country.

Organizational Development & Redesign

A strong workplace culture is essential for attracting and retaining high-quality, customer-focused team members. HDG can help ensure your culture is up to this task. Our assessment includes an internal and external audit designed to understand employee and customer needs, the current marketplace, and how your workplace reflects this data. With this insight, we can help establish or revise the organization’s mission, vision, and values to align with the overall strategy.

Our team can also help shape your organizational structure to ensure you have the right roles, reporting, and accountabilities necessary to drive operational efficiency. Upon assessing your organizational structure, we can determine how a redesign of your organizational chart could ensure reporting and departmental relationships support your goals, priorities, decision making, and strategic plan.

Talent Optimization

Your organization is only as strong as its people. Having the right people in the right seat leads to higher engagement and productivity. HDG’s workforce consulting services can help optimize your talent through validated, data-driven assessments that ensure talent selection and development practices improve performance and align with your strategic goals.

Workforce Assessment

HDG can conduct workforce assessments to determine future workforce needs, identify gaps between the available workforce and projected needs, and implement solutions that ensure your organization can achieve its mission and goals.

Selection Tools

HDG uses the Predictive Index (PI) or Outmatch to conduct pre-employment assessments that help you select the best person for the job and manage people to their natural strengths. We can also utilize PI tools to develop interview guides that probe the specific gaps between candidates and job requirements.

Onboarding & Orientation Process

A welcoming onboarding and orientation experience is key to engaging and retaining your new employees. We can assist your organization with developing a plan to address the 4 Cs of onboarding: compliance, clarification, culture, and connection.

Labor Management

Effective labor management — in which employers strategically allocate people and resources, track attendance, and comply with constantly changing workplace laws and regulations — can optimize productivity and reduce risk. To determine opportunities to enhance your labor management practices, HDG can assess the following areas:

  • Internal timecards, employees’ schedules, hiring and turnover reports, agency or contract labor use, and other labor management reports.
  • External reports, such as payroll-based journal submission, to reconcile internal and external information.
  • Recruiting and onboarding processes for engagement and efficiencies.
  • Full-time equivalents (FTE) and per patient day (PPD) data that is used to adapt staffing patterns based on occupancy and/or census.
  • Your labor environment, including an analysis of competitors, labor resources, and potential partners for workforce development.

Upon completing the assessment, HDG will develop a labor management plan that can be utilized to establish effective staffing levels. The result is improved employee relations, enhanced customer service, and a reduction if not elimination of contract labor.

Leadership & Professional Development

Your leaders are responsible for executing your strategy by building alignment, inspiring and influencing their team, and growing team members’ capabilities. When leaders are focused on helping others succeed and grow, your organization sees the benefits of improved communication and collaboration, including increased employee engagement, productivity, and profitability. Leadership and professional development opportunities can expand your team’s capacity to perform in these essential leadership roles.

HDG leadership and professional development services include leadership and 360 assessment and training designed to help leaders develop a leadership mindset that enables others to thrive.

HDG can also help strengthen your teams, driving the close collaboration that can improve outcomes. Our assessments evaluate leaders’ ability to influence teams, their collective strengths, and misalignments between capabilities and goals. With this data, HDG can define opportunities to close gaps and give your teams the edge needed to enhance performance.

Compensation & Total Reward Strategy

It’s more critical than ever for organizations to have a clear plan for attracting and retaining talent. The right total reward strategy is an essential element of this planning. HDG can strengthen this strategy by assisting with:

  • Reviewing and developing compensation structures that support your organization’s objectives and business strategies.
  • Assessing current compensation structures to determine equity and fairness within departments to prevent legal issues related to pay discrimination.
  • Improving talent acquisition and management by determining competitive compensation structures and the impact of various policies on employee retention.
Employee Engagement Strategy

Employee engagement is a leading indicator of organizational health and sustainable performance. Organizations with high levels of employee engagement tend to perform better than competitors when it comes to innovation, productivity, customer satisfaction, and financial results. HDG’s workforce consulting helps organizations build a more engaged team through identification of unique employee needs and the creating an employee experience program that drives alignment and change.

Human Resources Assessments, Audits, & Policy Development

The human resources (HR) department plays an essential role in planning, supporting, and engaging your employees. HDG consultants can help you ensure your HR team stands ready to meet the needs and demands of an ever-changing workforce.

Human Resources Assessment

An HR assessment is a comprehensive review and evaluation of the HR services that are delivered within your organization. HDG’s HR assessment includes:

    • Strategic and operational analysis of existing workplace programs and practices to determine effectiveness.
    • Evaluation of the structures and competencies of an HR department’s workflow, roles and responsibilities.
    • Identification of the HR department’s strengths and gaps in services and how these services align with employee needs and organizational goals.
    • Actionable recommendations for measurable change and best practices.
HR Compliance Audits

HR compliance audits are vital tools for preventing the legal and regulatory liability that can arise from an organization’s HR policies and practices. HDG’s HR compliance audits evaluate your organization’s compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations and identifies areas for improvement. Focus areas include job classifications, record retention, Family Medical Leave Act, American with Disabilities Act, Workers’ Compensation, Form I-9, personnel files, timekeeping records, policies, and handbook reviews.

Policy & Employee Handbook Development

Your HR policies, as detailed in your employee handbook, govern employees’ work, behaviors, interactions, and management. These policies cover a wide range of employment practices, including recruiting and hiring, benefits, work rules, policies and procedures, and discipline and separations. HDG can work with your organization to create policies and employee handbooks that are legally compliant and align with your organization’s needs.

Centralized Recruiting

In today’s volatile and competitive labor market, the most successful providers have implemented effective talent acquisition practices. This includes building a talent pipeline and developing ongoing candidate relationships, which require sophisticated HR skills and dedicated time. This is often more difficult in rural markets where the talent pool is smaller. HDG offers centralized recruiting services to support your talent acquisition efforts to ensure you have the right people in the right roles. Our experienced, highly trained HR professionals can lead or support your recruiting, screening, and hiring processes, resulting in fewer open positions, less overtime, and reduced staffing agency use.

Interim Leadership & Executive Search Service

Through our interim leadership and executive search services, we connect communities with experienced professionals who stand committed to ensuring exceptional service for older adults.

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