In 2022, Carefree Living, a division of Spectrum Health Companies, Inc., realized that their talent recruitment efforts were not effective in filling positions such as housekeepers, certified nursing assistants, and nurses across their portfolio of 11 assisted living communities throughout Minnesota.


Health Dimensions Group (HDG) was hired to transition the individual recruitment and compliance efforts that were taking place at each of Carefree Living’s 11 assisted living communities to centralized recruitment and compliance efforts to be conducted by HDG for a duration of six months. The goal was to drive recruitment success across Carefree Living’s portfolio.

Two key components of the engagement included the initial assessment and the implementation process.

Initial Assessment

HDG examined Carefree Living’s initial recruitment structure and highlighted challenges with their decentralized model, such as:

  • Inconsistencies in processes
  • Candidates’ experiences varying in quality
  • Unstable recruiting efforts

Implementation Process

HDG provided each community’s hiring manager with documents laying out the new recruitment and compliance processes as well as the designation of duties between HDG and the Carefree Living team.

Two of HDG’s central recruiters and one of HDG’s central compliance coordinators handled the engagement. Each of Carefree Living’s communities got assigned to one of HDG’s central recruiters who handled each candidate who applied to that community. Ultimately, the central recruiter became the contact person who could take each applicant through a standardized interview process, which allowed for improved communication and better overall experiences for the candidates.

Weekly calls occurred between the central recruiters, central compliance coordinator, and their assigned communities to cover compliance, recruitment efforts, open positions, and changes in open requisitions.

In addition, HDG’s team integrated the use of applicant tracking systems (ATS) to blast openings out to more job aggregators. This step involved HDG setting up and managing an Indeed account to deploy sponsored job postings and conduct direct applicant outreach.

“At a time when staffing in this industry is very difficult, HDG ensured we did not struggle. Would highly recommend them to anyone seeking assistance with recruiting, hiring and onboarding services!”


Through the implementation of two recruiters and a compliance coordinator across Carefree Living’s 11 communities, HDG was able to develop a continuous pipeline of qualified talent. During the six-month engagement, HDG’s centralized recruiting provided the following results:

Through the adoption of a centralized recruitment model at their assisted living communities, Carefree Living was able to ensure a standardized recruitment process across the portfolio and establish consistency in job postings, candidate assessments, and interview procedures.

In addition, the impact has been profound. Each of Carefree Living’s locations reduced their number of open requisitions to less than five over six months. In turn, significant reductions in agency costs and overtime expenditures have resulted, as well as an increase in employee satisfaction.

“We utilized HDG’s Centralized Recruitment Services and were consistently met with exemplary customer service, consistent follow-up, and real time feedback any moment we had questions or concerns in the process. HDG staff went above-and-beyond time and time again to make sure we had the right staff we needed and wanted. Their quick turnaround made the gap between hiring and onboarding effortless for us!”