MultiCare Health System was interested in developing PACE in Tacoma, WA, in the summer of 2020, at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Their goal was to have a PACE program ready to open on January 1, 2022. However, the pandemic created tremendous uncertainty and financial pressures.


HDG mobilized quickly to perform a market and financial feasibility study to ensure that PACE development would be feasible in the proposed market area. This included a tour of the proposed PACE center to determine the suitability for PACE.

Once the MultiCare board approved the development of a PACE program, HDG shifted gears to a development and implementation support engagement. The work continued over the next 16 months to submit the PACE applications, prepare policies and procedures, develop a provider network, develop the PACE center, evaluate and implement technology and health plan management infrastructure, educate and train PACE staff members, and prepare for the state readiness review.


As a result of hard work by MultiCare staff combined with support from HDG, MultiCare was able to achieve their goal of having approval to open a PACE program by January 1, 2022, as the three-party agreement was signed in December 2021.
“HDG’s support was integral in the successful opening of our PACE program. Their team successfully led us through every stage of the process from filing with the state to full implementation of the program.”

Lynn Siedenstrang, VP-Care Continuum
MultiCare Health System